Hanging Baskets

This is where we really become different from everybody else.  Our hanging baskets are designed in house and our designs are available nowhere else.  We guarantee our 12″ and 20″ baskets are unique.

We take the time to grow quality product.  We start with great plants and the best soilless mix (translate sterile and no weeds!).  We fertilize and grow properly and every basket is given individual attention.  We also take the extra step of adding slow release fertilizer to each and every basket to give them the best opportunity to excel all summer even if you forget or can’t fertilize.  We design our baskets to be compatible with different growing requirements and never combine products that aren’t good companions.

Whew … that was a mouthful!!

10 inch hanging baskets $11.99 feature price10" baskets million bells




12 inch hanging baskets $27.75 or two for $50.00



bordeaux & royal velvet






Large hanging baskets showcase the greenhouses

Last but not least we also sell a 20 inch hanging basket.  These are 18 inches deep giving the plants a huge amount of growing space for the season.  These are beautiful!  Grown in fibre pots with heavy duty metal cage hanging systems they will beautify any space all summer long!  Priced at $55.