We are one of the few greenhouses left in Essex County that are growing flats of 48.  Most growers have switched to 36’s (6 packs of 6) but as we grow our own on site we are able to stay with the 48’s.  We feel a flat of  bedding plants should give you a lot of coverage in your garden.

We grow fibrous begonias, celosia, dianthus, dusty miller, impatiens, lobelia, petunias, salvia, marigolds and vinca in flats.  Price is $1.99 for individual  4 packs or $14.75 for a full flat (twelve 4 packs) and you can mix and match your flat.

flats of annuals


Our 4 inch pots are all premium plants.  We are a Proven Winners certified garden center and have carried their product since we opened the garden centre in the spring of 2001.  We also carry Proven Selections, Natural Selections and other premium lines.  What makes these special is that all of the products from these lines are trialed and tested before they are available to the public.   Also their plants are from cuttings so they do not set seed and stop flowering.

 4 inch pots $3.59



  We grow daisies, geraniums, new guinea impatiens and other specialty items that benefit from more room for roots in deeper pots.

4.5″ deep square pots $3.99


Annual grasses are the best way to get a lot of punch to your planter … remember the recipie “Thriller, Filler and Spiller”.  Grasses are your thriller.  We carry the following varieties:

 Grasses are available in 1 gallon pots for $8.99