I think I have a new favorite grass!.  PW Blue Mohawk really is a true blue.  What it lacks in height it sure makes up for with color and form.  Very unique.


PW Supertunia Bordeaux is hands down my go to flower.  Seven years ago I grew it in every planter around my home (trial for a wedding) and was amazed at how gorgeous it stayed right to fall.  If you’ve never tried it do so this year it is so easy to care for!


I have a lot of shade areas behind my house.  We have a couple nice patios in the shade and we always plant them up with torenia.  My personal love is PW Summerwave Blue.  It needs no deadheading and is a beautiful blue/purple color.  Blooms right to hard frost.summerwavelargeviolet

PW Supertunia Vista Bubblegum.  If you have big space this is the petunia to grow.  A single plant covers 3 feet by 3 feet.   It has incredible bounce back ability to rain and wind.  Just keeps growing and growing no deadheading required.  We grow in big baskets, wine barrels, in gardens … anywhere we want that bright shocking pink that gets full sun.


Lophospermum.  We started growing them a few years ago and love this versatile plant.  It is a long viney type (we’ve seen it grow 6 feet to the floor) with beautiful tubular shaped flowers.  Grows in full sun and the shade.  Hummingbirds love it, so do butterflies and we do too!  Again another plant that can take some abuse and keep thriving.

red lophos

And I’m also really crazy about lantana.  Any lantana.  This is such a great plant for our climate it thrives in heat and humidity.  This year we are carrying three varieties.  Two are upright and New Gold is a spreading variety.